Manatee Health Department grant will help apartments go smoke-free

MANATEE — A $30,000 grant has been awarded to the Manatee County Health Department to promote smoke-free policies in multi-unit apartments, condos and dormitories.

The new program is designed to help landlords who want to convert their properties to smoke-free dwellings, said Megan Jourdan, the health department’s tobacco prevention program manager.

The first five property owners to convert will be featured in a public service announcement sponsored by the health department, Jourdan said.

The money also will pay for staff members to provide technical assistance; signage for apartment owners who are converting to smoke-free buildings or help in designing their own signs; and the cost of reprints if they have pamphlets about their properties that need to be updated, she said.

“The goal is to work with multi-unit housing facilities to help adopt smoke-free policies,” said Jourdan.