Bradenton councilwoman asks state for help in keeping Palma Sola clear of horse manure

MANATEE — Local officials need help to keep the Palma Sola Causeway clean, as it has become a popular spot to ride horses, a Bradenton city councilwoman said today.

“Citizens are continuing to contact us about this, and I think they have every right” to do so, Marianne Barnebey told the Metropolitan Planning Organization on Monday.

Some of those riding animals along the causeway are not cleaning up after them, Barnebey told Jennifer A. Stults, intermodal systems development manager for the Florida Department of Transportation, District One, who was appearing before the board.

Barnebey, who is running for Bradenton mayor, saod that there are few places in the state where people may ride horses in the water or on the beach, adding, “We’re getting people coming in from all over the state.”

Jurisdictional issues confound a resolution to the problem, said Barnebey, who is a member of the MPO board representing Bradenton.

The causeway is within city limits, but the city does not have authority over the causeway, since the land is owned by the Florida Department of Transporation.

Stults said she would ask FDOT representatives to join city and county officials in an effort to resolve complaints about horse manure along the walkways.

Although Great World Adventures, LLC, a local business, last year rented horses to more than 2,000 customers, those who live near the causeway said the business is careful to clean up. They said they private owners who are trucking their own animals in are the negligent ones.