School registration requirements

Parents registering their children in a Florida school for the first time must have a list of things in place.

The school district requires:

n A parent or guardian accompanying a child at registration. Students who are 18 must show proof of their age.

n A birth certificate.

n Proof of a physical examination within the past 12 months, especially for children attending a Florida school for the first time.

n A Social Security number, but it is not required.

n The parent or guardian to bring a document that shows a current address. This includes a current electric or water bill or a lease agreement.

n Proof of immunization.

n A copy of the most recent report card for students entering grades 1 to 12.

Age requirements:

For a checklist of registration requirements, visit http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/parents/registration_requirements.html. For information, call the district at (941) 708-8770.

Immunization and physical examination

Parents or guardians must make sure their children received the proper immunization and provide a completed physical examination sheet prior to registration.

The required shots for a pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school student and a certificate of immunization are available at http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/parents/immunization_requirements.html. The certificates must be approved or updated by a health care provider.

A physical examination sheet must also be signed off by either a licensed physician, a registered nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. The form for the physical examination is available on the same Web site. Information, call (941) 748-0747, ext. 1269.

Source: The School District of Manatee County.