Crist looking 'favorably' at red light camera bill

MANATEE — Gov. Charlie Crist said today said he is looking “favorably” at upon red light camera legislation passed last month in the Florida Legislature.

“The governor has expressed his support for the bill, and has said that he is looking at the bill favorably,” an aide wrote in an e-mail message. “He has until Saturday to take action, but I suspect you may see something on this bill as early as today.”

The measure carries the name of Mark Wandall, a Manatee resident who died in 2003 in a violent crash caused by a red-light runner, For years, his widow, Tara resident Melissa Wandall, and state House Speaker Pro Tempore Ron Reagan, R-Bradenton, have worked together in an attempt to pass such legislation.

The bill would set formal statewide parameters for use of high-tech cameras in catching red light runners.

Sara Kennedy, Herald reporter, can be reached at (941) 745-7031.