National anthem assist

A beautiful thing happened Wednesday at McKechnie Field.

Chloe Tomlinson, a darling 6-year-old, was belting out the national anthem before the Tigers-Pirates game.

The St. Patrick’s Day crowd was smitten by the Lakeland first-grader, who had stolen the show at the Pirates’ anthem auditions in late January.

“I practice a lot, so I didn’t feel like I was going to mess up,” Chloe said afterward.

Well, about midway through Wednesday’s performance, she lost her place, paused and repeated an earlier portion of the anthem.

The McKechnie crowd came to the little girl’s rescue.

Fans began singing along with Chloe, their voices guiding hers as she sang the rest of the way flawlessly.

It was quite a moment.

Chloe received an ovation that must’ve been heard in Palmetto.