Bradenton’s Jessica eliminated from 'Top Model'

If you weren't watching or following along live at twitter.com/accentbradenton, Bradenton nursing student Jessica Santiago was eliminated Wednesday night from "America's Next Top Model."

This week's episode featured the much-loved — and much-hated — model makeovers. Jessica was up first, but received no tear-inducing drastic change. She was given a wavier hairdo with red highlights. Overall, her look wasn't that big of a difference. She certainly shed no tears like some of her fellow contestants, including Fo, who was also in the bottom two.

The episode's photo shoot challenge required the models to light their own photos by posing with light sticks. Jessica stumbled throughout the shoot; she was told she looked ghoulish at one point. When her photo was presented at the end of the show, the judges has nary a positive thing to say and her fate was sealed.

In the end, Tyra told Jessica she was pretty, but that she needed to look prettier in photos then she did in real life.

So that closes this chapter of Bradenton residents on reality television. We'll be watching for — and reporting on — the next local person in the spotlight.