Dr. Matthew Allen and Dr. Phillip Purser

Radiation Oncology Centers of Southwest FloridaRadiation Oncology Centers of Southwest Florida, the area's first outpatient centers for radiation treatment of cancer, welcome two new Radiation Oncologists: Dr. Matthew Allen and Dr. Phillip Purser.

Dr. Matthew Allen is a graduate of Harvard Medical School who completed his residency at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, ranked the top cancer hospital in the country according to US News and World Report.

Why radiation oncology? My father had a life-threatening illness, says Dr. Allen. As a result of his situation, I became interested in medicine and caring for those suffering from illness. But my family and I were frustrated with the short length of time physicians spent with us. ROC-SWF has an atmosphere that allows me to offer the ideal doctor-patient communication that I have always envisioned.

Our physicians are dedicated to spending quality time with our patients, Dr. Allen goes on. Cancer patients make decisions that impact their quality and length of life. It can be overwhelming. We educate them about the disease, explaining options for care and how we can be there to support them.

Dr. Philip Purser spent eight years as a pharmacist before he and his wife, Connie Purser, MD, then a nurse, decided to follow their dreams of going to medical school.Dr. Purser, a graduate of Bowman-Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest Medical University, completed his residency at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester, NY.Dr. Purser was drawn to radiation oncology because in med school, I came across a paperback book listing specialties and the impact each one has on a patient. I found helping those suffering from cancer to be the greatest satisfaction a physician could have. It's fulfilling to be able to offer understanding in addition to quality medical care.The other board-certified physicians at ROC-SWF, Drs. Tri Nguyen, Pranab Ray, and Cornelius Turalba, welcome Drs. Allen and Purser. Recently diagnosed patients need time with their physician and we want our patients to know we are crusaders with them, says Dr. Tri Nguyen.

Dr. Pranab Ray adds, We bring training plus compassion to their care. Our focus is on them, always." Dr. Cornelius Turalba concludes, We all share a common bond in that we strongly believe the human spirit and body work in concert.

"I found helpingthose suffering from cancer to be the greatestsatisfaction a physiciancould have."

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Top left to right: Matthew Allen, MDTri Nguyen, MD FACROÊPhilip Purser, MDBottom left to right: Pranab Ray, MD FACROCornelius Turalba, MD FACR Cornelius Turalba, MD FACR Matthew Allen, MDTri Nguyen, MD FACROÊPhilip Purser, MDPranab Ray, MD FACRO