Margaret Hixon

Bank CD CentralBank CD Central has been building a name for itself as a real lifeline for people who are seeing their retirement savings go down the drain in today's roller-coaster market. Though Bank CD Central has clients of all ages, they especially cater to people planning for or already in retirement who are looking for a guaranteed secure income for life to supplement Social Security or other income.

We help people secure their future so they can relax and enjoy their retirement years, says Margaret Hixon, President and CEO of Bank CD Central. We're not a bank, she says. We're a CD locator service. Bank CD Central shops around for the best rates and offers amazing promotional CD interest rates for short and long-term. But Bank CD Central is much more they have independent financial advisors across the nation who can access some of the country's best accounts, insurance products, and rates. These advisors are hand-picked for their high standards of knowledge, ethical practice, and ability to help Bank CD Central's clients secure their financial future.

Incorporated in 2006, with Margaret Hixon named President and CEO earlier this year, Bank CD Central is a cut above other similar companies. They're the #1 leading CD locator service in the country, and a nationally-recognized full-service company that uses multiple banks rather than just one or two.

Originally from Tennessee, Margaret moved to Sarasota 25 years ago. Her husband Loren has owned and operated Hixon Construction for the past 25 years, and the couple has three children. Margaret, an Income and IRA Distribution Planning Specialist, recently has been working closely with laid off employees, helping them with their tax-free 401k or IRA rollovers and pension plan buyouts. In eight months of this serious market decline, not one client has lost a dime!

At Bank CD Central, she shares the benefits of her 19 years experience in financial planning and Bank CD Central's commitment to help people preserve their assets and investments, make their money grow, and help plan for or fund their retirement. Margaret says, Ultimately, it's not about how much you earn, it's about how much you keep.

Not a bank but a CD locator service, Bank CD Central shops around for the best rates and offers amazing promotional CD interest rates for short and long-term.

Margaret Hixon, President

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