Abandoned baby in good condition in hospital

PALMETTO --- A baby boy, newborn with the placenta still attached, was found abandoned this evening in the 600 block of Hoskos Road in Palmetto.

The baby was found by retired Bradenton Police Capt. Randy Petroskey, who was on the scene with his son to attend to his son's broken down car. Haskos Road is off 10th Street East, east of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

The two were siphoning the car's full tank of gas when Petroskey happened to look over and see what he at first thought was a doll in the bushes. When he looked again, he saw a leg move and immediately called 911.

The baby was covered in ants, and flies were hovering around it.

Petroskey used his shirt to wrap the baby to keep it warm until rescue workers arrived.

The baby is at Manatee Memorial Hospital in good condition, rescue workers said.