Ware’s Creek dredging to begin next week

Ware’s Creek in Bradenton
Ware’s Creek in Bradenton Bradenton Herald file photo

Dredging is all set to begin in Ware’s Creek on Monday.

The mini dredge operation, which will remove accumulated sand and silt from the creek bottom in order to improve stormwater flow and boat navigation, will take place in portions of the creek between the 12th Avenue and 14th Avenue bridges. According to Bradenton Public Works & Utilities Department, the project is expected to be completed in September and is part of ongoing routine maintenance.

Susan Hochuli, one of the engineers for Bradenton Public Works & Utilities who is helping to oversee the project, said she doesn’t anticipate any major consequences for traffic in the surrounding areas. According to Hochuli, the city is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that water quality will be preserved and wildlife will be protected throughout the process.

“We are not going to leave any materials behind. The site will look just like it did when we started,” she said.

Measures taken to ensure environmental protection will include floating turbidity curtains, which act as barriers designed to contain the dispersion of sediment in the water column.

Clearwater-based Gator Dredging is overseeing all dredging operations. Once the materials are excavated from the water, they will be temporarily stored until dry, at which point the city will remove them for disposal. In total, they are expected to remove 300 cubic yards of sediment from the creek bottom. The city’s budget for the project is $50,000.

Door hangers with relevant contact information will be left on houses in the surrounding area. Hochuli said contractors are expected to maintain a 5-foot setback from existing seawall structures and a 10 -oot clearance around dock structures. If residents have materials they would like excavated around their seawall or dock, they can use the contact information left on their door to coordinate this with Gator Dredging.

The last dredging in Ware’s Creek occurred in 2016 near the Ninth Avenue Bridge.

“We go through a cycle maintaining the creek as we need to,” Hochuli said. “Right now we’re heading upstream, heading south.” She said areas near 14th Avenue and 17th Avenue could be next.

For more information, call Bradenton Public Work & Utilities Department at 941-708-6300.