Two local attorneys disciplined by Florida Supreme Court

Attorneys from Sarasota and Bradenton were among the 21 recently disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court.

Allen Montgomery Blake, a Sarasota-based attorney, was disbarred effective immediately following a March 22 court order. Blake’s disbarment comes after being found in contempt for noncompliance for violating the terms of an Aug. 26, 2016 suspension order.

According to a release from the state Supreme Court, Blake was required to notify clients, opposing counsel and tribunals for his three-year suspension as well as provide the Bar a sworn affidavit within 30 days listing the names and addresses of all persons and entities that were furnished.

Peter William Martin, a Bradenton-based attorney, is to receive a disciplinary revocation, without leave to seek readmission. This took effect 30 days from an April 13 court order. According to the release, disciplinary revocation is tantamount to disbarment, and in this case is due to a pending disciplinary matter against Martin involving the misappropriation of funds from his trust account in the amount of at least $200,000.

According to the release, among the 21 disciplined Florida attorneys, two were disbarred, five had their licenses revoked, 11 were suspended and three were publicly reprimanded. Four attorneys received more than one form of discipline, one was placed on probation and three were ordered to pay restitution.