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Palmetto CVS sells for $3 million

PALMETTO -- A CVS drugstore building in downtown Palmetto, owned by a Sausalito, Calif. company, has sold to buyers in Fort Lauderdale.

On Oct. 1, Bharat and Achala Gupta paid $3 million for the 11,300-square-foot building at the intersecton of State Road 41 and 10th Street W., as well as the 1.6 acres under it.

According to Manatee County records, the buyers also assumed $2.06 million in mortgage debt in a separate agreement related to the property. The debt was assigned to their company, Amba Estates Palmetto.

The seller was a company controlled by the successor agents of the late Dr. Revels Cayton, according to records.

Cayton's company, Mari #1 LLC, purchased the CVS property in 2007 for $3.2 million.

The CVS on the property, designated by the company as store No. 3111, is currently in operation. The store was built in 1997, according to county records.

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