Public Records

07/11 - Public Records


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex. Listed are the borrower’s name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit




Lamont J. Bellows et al, $293,733.12, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2006-CA-001539, online.

Linda M. Moore et al, $578,939.61, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2007-CA-003468, online.

David W. Madra et al, $280,794.59, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2007-CA-007035, online.

Trina Dee Bertran et al, $253,674.43, US Bank NA, 2007-CA-009136, online.

Alice D. Chisholm, $400,663.49, US Bank NA et al, 2008-CA-000300, online.

Brian Weissinger et al, $489,463.23, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2008-CA-001910, online.

Charles W. Winters Jr. et al, $261,608.20, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-002519, online.

Vincent J. Raburn et al, $91,688.04, The Bank of New York, 2008-CA-002566, online.

Kenneth W. Wyskochil et al, $836,676.52, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2008-CA-003386, online.

Robert J. Fink et al, $380,913.26, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-004389, online.

Carol Manville et al, $382,774.53, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-005749, online.

William J. Waldron et al, $202,650.19, MVB Mortgage Corporation, 2008-CA-006322, online.

Joo Yeh Baker et al, $290,276.96, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2008-CA-008288, online.

Robert J. Gaffney et al, $90,426.09, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2008-CA-008414, online.

Scott T. Nelson et al, $254,402.2, Yale Mortgage Corporation et al, 2008-CA-008573, online.

Linda Kirby et al, $51,323.24, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-009528, online.

Joanne M. Tapin et al, $117,390.36, Citimortgage Inc., 2008-CA-009923, online.

Scott L. Bromby et al, $574,548.50, Suntrust Bank, 2008-CA-011581, online.

Jerrold D. Camp et al, $460,498.21, FH Partners LLC, 2008-CA-011710, online.

Timothy J. Bazell et al, $545,773.17, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2008-CA-012097, online.

Helen L. Shanafelt, $145,948.89, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-003035, online.

Eileen T. Kuntz et al, $305,551.46, Fifth Third Bank, 2009-CA-003558, online.

Sharon L. Genth et al, $313,621.62, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-004221, online.

Marcos Amaya, $371,218.76, Bank of America NA, 2009-CA-004703, online.


Donna M. Pinkston et al, $139,863.99, HSBC Bank USA NA et al, 2008-CA-000462, online.

Ivan Joseph et al, $374,380.33, LaSalle Bank NA, 2008-CA-003027, online.

Maria Carranza Perez et al, $137,399.12, LaSalle Bank NA, 2008-CA-003966, online

Edward C. Bertelsen et al, $4,254,537.41, Washington Mutual Bank et al, 2008-CA-006055, online.

John Kean et al, $543,878.56, Flagstar Bank FSB, 2008-CA-006356, online.

James D. Klinedinst et al, $457,319.16, Aurora Loan Services Inc., 2008-CA-007257, online.

Jean Marie Maurer et al, $149,793.72, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2008-CA-007927, online.

Kelley P. McDermid et al, $322,176.18, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2008-CA-009222, online.

P&L Solutions LLC et al, $217,752.52, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-010668, online.

Child Care Management Group Inc. et al, $347,382.45, FH Partners LLC, 2008-CA-011690, online.

Stephen Dale Nuss et al, $116,712.04, Fifth Third Mortgage Company, 2009-CA-000013, online.

Judith A. Trytek et al, $212,520.29, Litton Loan Servicing LP et al, 2009-CA-001312, online.

James H. Wolf et al, $159,092.42, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2009-CA-003521, online.

John R. Hoiby Jr. et al, $195,866.58, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, 2009-CA-004337, online.

Richard S. Pagington, $149,796.64, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-004772, online.

Ronny L. Kromer et al, $146,116.23, Suncoast Schools Federal credit Union, 2009-CA-005044, online.


Christopher Soviero et al, $102,739.14, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-001066, online.

David M. Peck et al, $102,439.98, Regions Bank, 2008-CA-007079, online.

Carlos Morelli et al, $313,495.54, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, 2008-CA-010970, online.

Kelly Whaley, $184,905.91, BC50 Trust 1, 2008-CA-011405, online.

Timothy J. Bazell et al, $447,245.73, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2008-CA-011467, online.

June R. Rohr et al, $249,022.19, US Bank NA et al, 2008-CA-011482, online.


Santo Geraci et al, $596,360.29, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-000302, online.

Carlos Mesa et al, $315,291.19, Bank of America NA, 2008-CA-003331, online.

John M. Miller et al, $432,308.36, Indymac Bank FSB et al, 2008-CA-007825, online.

Richard Joseph Cooper et al, $337,190.14, US Bank NA, 2009-CA_000219, online.

Thomas L. Cole et al, $433,197.17, Aurora Loan Services, 2009-CA-000235, online.

Lori J. Gibbons et al, $131,229.90, Bank of New York, 2009-CA-001414, online.

Susan B. Deasy et al, $269,023.52, Aurora Loan Services LLC, 2009-CA-003019, online.

Paul Nadeau et al, $363,164.10, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-004903, online.


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:


Catherine I. Hafkey, 4036 37th St. Ct. W., rental units, Catherine Hafkey, no. tel.


The following businesses or individuals in Manatee and Sarasota counties have filed bankruptcy petitions in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa. Number in parentheses is the case number.

Ch. 7 Liquidation

(Petitioner’s assets are liquidated to pay creditors.)


Karen L. and Charles D. Amstutz, 1700 Ben Franklin Dr. #2C, Sarasota. (10-15651).

Juliana Botero, 14209 Sundial Pl., Bradenton. (10-15716).

Lilia I. Butler, 2125 49th Ave. E., Bradenton. (10-15864).

Delores J. and Barry C. Carney, 1219 51st Ave. E. #41, Bradenton. (10-15599).

Barbara J. Chambers, 4860 48th St. W., Bradenton. (10-16195).

Deloris J. Crockett, 511 45th St. E., Palmetto. (10-15583).

Noreen E. Fidacaro, 12010 Clubhouse Dr., Bradenton. (10-15640).

Frenia S. Fields, 2616 Fourth Ave. E., Palmetto. (10-15603).

Casey L. Gamel, 2940 50th Ave. W. #12, Bradenton. (10-15446).

Patricia Alice Godfrey, 9310 27th Ave. E., Palmetto. (10-15647).

Angel Rafael Gonzalez, 8320 Verna Bethany Road, Myakka City. (10-15638).

Rusby and Carl E. Gregg, II, 7820 Panther Ridge Trail, Bradenton. (10-16147).

Carol A. Grogan, 6675 Copper Ridge Trail, University Park. (10-15607).

Renee Lynn and Christopher Leigh Hastie, PO Box 2217, Oneco. (10-16144).

George R. Hershberger, 3612 Asbury Dr., Parrish. (10-15448).

Elizabeth Anne and Timothy Brian Holly, 1808 82nd St. N.W., Bradenton. (10-15931).

Rita Hughes, 3210 46th Dr. E., Bradenton. (10-15437).

Rita M. and Ronald Klaasse, 5815 21st St. W., Bradenton. (10-16152).

Bernard J. Moltchan, 4736 Halyard Dr., Bradenton. (10-15966).

Stacey L. and Michael A. Olivieri, 6010 95th St. Cir. E., Bradenton. (10-15414).

Rosemary B. and Robert I. Parker, 2002 19th St. W., Bradenton. (10-15758).

Diana and Kenneth L. Perry, 6215 30th Ave. E., Palmetto. (10-15963).

Adam J. Richter, 11109 Third Ave. E., Bradenton. (10-15608).

Mary Ann Skidmore, 3500 El Conquistador Pkwy. #311, Bradenton. (10-15977).

Natalino Smeralda, 3648 59th Ave. W., Bradenton. (10-15518).

Robert J. Tuden, 8190 Natures Way #22, Bradenton. (10-15636).


Michael A. Anderson, 275 Herons Run Dr. #709, Sarasota. (10-15609).

Steven Lee Berg, 2566 Tulip St., Sarasota. (10-15460).

Patsy L. and William G. Buckles, Jr., 2455 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. (10-16047).

Kathie J. and Bruce B. Butcher, 2007 Second St., Englewood. (10-16159).

Eric Robert Carriveau, 2657 Floyd St., Sarasota. (10-16183).

Gary A. Chimner, 2722 Pursell Cir., Sarasota. (10-15797).

Jesse J. and Christopher R. Corbett, 2640 Snowflake Lane, North Port. (10-16157).

Dianne Corcoran, 5 Oakwood Dr. N., Englewood. (10-15545).

Giancarlo Cornejo, 428 Siesta Dr., Sarasota. (10-15462).

Melissa Ellis-Rimes, 23 Southland Road, Venice. (10-15811).

Donna R. and Ernest E. Ensign, 1851 Palm Sptings St., Sarasota. (10-15622).

Camila Eugenia Garcia and Francisco J. Figueroa, 4550 47th St., Sarasota. (10-15508).

Susan and Allan Edward Frame, 4651 Meadowview Cir., Sarasota. (10-15972).

Mary C. and Giuseppe Gambo, 340 Dolphin Shores Cir., Nokomis. (10-15866).

Beth E. and Jeffrey M. Griffin, 2529 47th St., Sarasota. (10-16179).

Deborah S. Leslie and Brian T. Grigsby, 210 Palmetto Dr., Venice. (10-16156).

Marykay and Dean J. Hashtani, 5210 Alseir Road, North Port. (10-15559).

Jeffrey W. Henkel, 4823 Jacaranda Heights Dr., Venice. (10-15870).

Peggy Yarbrough and Fredrick Bulkley Jaicks, 1211 N. View Dr., Sarasota. (10-15696).

Pamela Camille and Hassan Katiraee, 4296 Ascot Dr., North Port. (10-15399).

Joleen Rae and Charles A. Lower, 6000 Medici Ct. #103, Sarasota. (10-15471).

Ann B. Lyman, 2572 W. Scarlet Oak Ct., Sarasota. (10-16174).

Deborah Ann and Nicholas Daniel Mandrich, Jr., 3847 Kingston Blvd., Sarasota. (10-15965).

Maria Marin, 2560 Verde Ter., North Port. (10-15506).

Nancy and Louis Marino, 1011 W. Baffin Dr., Venice. (10-15824).

Claire J. Mauser, 3068 Barry Road, North Port. (10-15771).

Eugenia Paige and Brennan D. McCarthy, 7360 Mara Vista Dr., Sarasota. (10-15862).

Shlaine and Richard Milligan, 604 Mourning Dove Dr., Sarasota. (10-15952).

Mailu F. and David John Mouatt, 5341 Ashton Manor Dr., Sarasota. (10-16062).

Carol A. Mueller, 1821 Scenic Dr., Venice. (10-15834).

Courtnee A. and Donald E. O’Shea, 7326 Deer Crossing Ct., Sarasota. (10-15835).

Deborah Orr, 992 Harbor Town Dr., Venice. (10-15421).

Susan A. and Bernard T. Orth, 8104 Cascadas Ave., North Port. (10-15786).

Elisabeth R. and Scott A. Owen, 10403 104th Ave. S.W., Gainesville. (10-16086).

April Dawn and Anthony Aaron Parkerson, 1125 Jonah Dr., North Port. (10-15949).

Catherine M. and Christopher J. Pighini, 265 Fareham Dr., Venice. (10-15798).

Veretta Ann Price, 401 Leach St., Englewood. (10-15799).

Beverly J. and Omer J. Quesnel, 429 Whispering Oaks Ct., Sarasota. (10-15871).

Luz Marina Ramirez, 3606 Beneva Road #502, Sarasota. (10-16190).

Jodi E. Rich, 3420 Parkridge Cir., Sarasota. (10-15828).

Raschel Marie Riggenbach, 425 Pennsylvania Ave., Osprey. (10-15961).

Ruben Rosario, 3231 Tanglewood Dr., Sarasota. (10-15381).

Marcia Lynn Slater, 5401 Bentgrass Dr. #303, Sarasota. (10-15478).

Tweetyjill Publications, LLC, 2106 152nd Ct. E., Bradenton. (10-15606).

Marcia L. and Stanley L. Waldfogel, 7663 Peninsular Dr., Sarasota. (10-15809).

Claire Ann Weaver, 11998 Granite Woods Loop, Venice. (10-15807).

Charles E. Werle, 4153 Winners Cir. #311, Sarasota. (10-15752).

Gerald Donald Williams, 5320 Hayden Blvd., Sarasota. (10-16181).

Eileen M. WIlliford, 4130 Bella Pasque, Venice. (10-15948).

Bridget M. and Thomas W. Wiseman, 2030 Faun Road, Venice. (10-16162).

Wayne M. Wynia, 3150 Beloit Ter., North Port. (10-15472).

Ch. 11 Reorganization

(Petitioners are shielded from creditor’s claims while a financial reorganization plan is developed.)





Ch. 13 Debt Adjustments

(Petitioner arranges plan to repay debts.)


Angela H. Alleyne, 1823 27th Ave. Dr. E., Bradenton. (10-15895).

Katherine Eleanor and Charles Lewis Backus, III, 7927 Cypress Lake Dr., Sarasota. (10-15631).

Kim M. and Thomes W. Bennett, 4214 Noble Pl., Parrish. (10-16090).

Mary Ann and Terry Ryan Daugherty, 13611 Seventh Ave. Cir. N.E., Bradenton. (10-15635).

Therese L. and Robin A. Fontaine, 14806 Seventh Ave. E., Bradenton. (10- 15625).

Scarlet O. and John Scarl Goelz, 12515 Natureview Cir., Bradenton. (10-15454).

Altha Lynell and Charles Lindsey Gray, 6623 26th St. W., Bradenton. (10-15633).

Jerry Lee Hancock, 508 44th Ave. E. #M1, Bradenton. (10-15926).

Jeffrey Michael Kaplan, 8049 Tybee Ct., Bradenton. (10-15968).

Stacy E. and Michael B. Koontz, PO Box 889, Parrish. (10-15971).

Christibella Joyce and Rick Edward Schwartz, 1404 Third St. Cir. E., Palmetto. (10-16034).

Candy Lynn and Thomas Wayne Wetherell, Jr., 6902 12th Ave. N.W., Bradenton. (10-16117).


David A. Beres, 1770 Seventh St., Sarasota. (10-15406).

Pamela A. and Dennis T. Carr, 3341 Sheboygan Ave., North Port. (10-16091).

James E. Codner, Sr., 366 Sea Grape Road, Venice. (10-16092).

Carol A. and Donald C. Croce, 249 Angelico Dr., Nokomis. (10-15874).

Erline and Luis R. De Muries, 4097 Malden Dr., Sarasota. (10-15551).

Nicolete and Cristian Adrian Dina, 5758 Sabal Trace Dr. #203, North Port. (10-15900).

Carol R. Ehnat, PO Box 631, Osprey. (10-15839).

Joseph C. Lesmerises, 4424 Greenfield Ave., Sarasota. (10-16100).

Courtney Elaine and Timothy Joel Major, 1625 Knotty Pine Ave., North Port. (10-15775).

Julia E. McCain, 1460 Deer Hollow Blvd., Sarasota. (10-16134).

Mary Delia and Samuel Joseph McConnell, 173 Tall Trees Ct., Sarasota. (10-15629).

Anita L. Polin, 2375 Floyd St., Sarasota. (10-16160).

Pamela Lee and Peter Samuel Rouzzo, 2231 Ann Arbor Road, North Port. (10-16198).

Donald S. Saltzman, 645 Michigan Dr. N., Venice. (10-15789).

Mark J. Sneath, 1770 Seventh St., Sarasota. (10-15404).

Yvonne A. and Jonathan Yoder, 4716 Cronin Dr., Sarasota. (10-16154).