Public Records

Public records 11/16/08


FORECLOSURESForeclosed properties to be sold at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse.Listed are the borrower’s name, the property description, the amount of the trust deed, thelender and the file number.MONDAYAllen Mayes et al, $193,424.76, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-004963.

Vito A. Caiati et al, $687,025.34, US Bank NA et al, 2007-CA-007025.

Chan M. Stagg et al, $496,415.54, Washington Mutual Bank FA, 2008-CA-002693.

Glenda F. Halty et al, $138,233.54, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2008-CA-003383.

Mikhail Tupikov et al, $608,783.69, Suntrust Mortgage Inc., 2007-CA-007977.

ALison S. Stratton et al, $106,415.86, Horizon Bank, 2008-CA-001649.

Marlon Jose Curz et al, $270,173.26, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2007-CA-006713.

Michael V. Wootten et al, $229,383.48, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-005179.

DVA Arena LLC et al, $6,458,201.16, Walbridge Aldinger Compnay, 2005-CA-006638.

Ronald G. Belser Jr., $337,099.08, Fifth Third Bank, 2008-CA-006217.

TUESDAYJoanne B. Ingersoll et al, $14,363.13, Laguna at Riviera Dunes II Condominium Association,2008-CC-002046.

Hector Luis Padilla Jr. et al, $192,537.09, Bank of America NA, 2007-CA-008644.

WEDNESDAYWilliam Richard Schenk, $140,747.55, Citifinancial Equity Services Inc., 2007-CA-008974.

Timothy Bricker et al, $172,377.53, Countrywide Home Loans Inc., 2006-CA-004971.

Elizabeth Ann Pompey ey al, $89,060.73, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-004564.

Daniel A. Drumm et al, $170,051.06, Aurora Loan Services LLC, 2008-CA-001669.

Charbel A. Chehadene t al, $309,725.26, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al,2007-CA-005726.

John R. Bennett et al, $340,890.53, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 2007-CA-001168.

THURSDAYNo records.FRIDAYNo records.


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:

BRADENTONA&C Surfacing Inc., 5806 28th St. E., installation (NOC), Anthony Darpino, 932-2403.

Comfortable Care Dental Health Professionals PA, 2107 59th St. W., administrative office,

Comfortable Care Dental Health Professionals, 792-4153.

Innervisions Gallery and Boutique, 1122 12th St. W., merchant or merchandising, Carrie

Price-Whaley, 747-9397.

James A. Morrish Jr. DDS PA, 708 43rd St. W., administrative office, James A. Morrish Jr., DDS,PA, 746-2463.

JZA Ventures LLC, 1125 12th St. W., merchant or merchandising, Karen Averkamp, 747-1320.

JZA Ventures LLC, 1125 12th St. W., professional, Karen Averkamp, 747-1320.

Scroggins Insurance Agency Inc., 6505 Cortez Rd. W., insurance, Earl W. Scroggins, 795-1500.

PALMETTOBANKRUPTCIESThe following businesses or individuals in Manatee and Sarasota counties have filed bankruptcypetitions in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa. Number in parentheses is thecase number.

Chapter 7 Liquidation

(Petitioner’s assets are liquidated to pay creditors.)MANATEECarlos M. Anselmi and Ana Maria Fernandez, 2808 60th Ave. W. #402, Bradenton. (08-17376).

Carlos Herbeto and Hilda Casal Baserva, 4407 58th St. W., Bradenton. (08-17142).

BDP Builders, Inc., 2712 24th St. W., Bradenton. (08-17082).

Lawanda M. Bradshaw, 2004 Third Ave. W., Palmetto. (08-17377).

Mary Margaret Clifford, 4511 60th St. Ct. E., Bradenton. (08-17067).

Paul and Pattie Lynn Cole, 110 22nd St. Ct. E., Bradenton. (08-17573).

Michael Jeffrey and Karen Kay Combs, 2209 51st St. Blvd. E., Bradenton. (08-17469).

Oscar and Maria Contreras, 8036 Indigo Ridge Ter., Bradenton. (08-17389).

Donald Edward Couche, 9021 Beacon Manor Ter., Bradenton. (08-17312).

Joann A. Coyle, 482 Outer Dr., Ellenton. (08-17247).

Scott E. Finley, 4515 25th St. W. #614, Bradenton. (08-17020).

Daniel E. Fix Sr., 18101 Sailfish Dr., Lutz. (08-17021).

Timothy Hall Jr., 6243 French Creek Ct., Ellenton. (08-17011).

Jane C. Hauth, 3204 York Dr. W., Bradenton. (08-17144).

Rodney Craig Henderson, 5305 14th Ave. Dr. W., Bradenton. (08-17398).

Benjamin E. and Cynthia Hooper, 2433 Sixth Ave. W., Bradenton. (08-17022).

Lauralee Ann Inman, 7812 48th Pl. E., Bradenton. (08-17077).

Cheryl Lorraine Mann, 4300 18th St. W. #E207, Bradenton. (08-17260).Ronald J. Petruney, 7812 Geneva Lane, Sarasota. (08-17582).

Mark A. and Denise A. Rademacher, 6356 Robin Cove, Bradenton. (08-17490).

Glenn S. and Ana Karina Sharman, 4802 51st St. W. #1109, Bradenton. (08-17409).

Charles H. and Karin M. Shippey, 15306 21st Ave. E., Bradenton. (08-17583).

Stewart G. and Grace P. Stottlemyer, 103 65th St. N.E., Bradenton. (08-17378).

Jeannine M. Sturm, 111 Bridgewater Ct., Bradenton. (08-17236).

Beatrice Suarez, 2712 24th St. W., Bradenton. (08-17075).

Allan J. and Patricia K. Sweeney, PO Box 14633, Bradenton. (08-17017).

Victor Alberto Triado and Carla Patricia Rolandi, 2805 65th St. E., Bradenton. (08-17168).

Earnest E. and Londa Votaw, 4211 Overture Cir., Bradenton. (08-17226).

Cleon Buster and Vereta Hardy Young, 132 Hummingbird Ave., Ellenton. (08-17146).SARASOTAChristopher Bianchi, 1355 N. San Mateo Dr., North Port. (08-17246).

Cherie L. Claydon, 33393 Ulman Ave., North Port. (08-17396).

Elves De Souza and Aline S. De Oliveira, 7485 Crock Ave., North Port. (08-17336).

Raymond and Urlana Pierre Dupoux, 7485 Crock Ave., North Port. (08-17125).

Ronald Adrian and Natalie Loraine Earley, 4565 Hamwood St., North Port. (08-17153).

Betsy Forzate, 389 Golden Sand Dr., Sarasota. (08-17157).

Monica A. Gowaty, 4940 Edith Ct. N. Port, North Port. (08-17523).

Heather E. Herman, 3289 Tishman Ave., North Port. (08-17015).

Elaine Rebecca Hill, 2225 Floyd St., Sarasota. (08-17535).

Melanie and Donald R. Hoff Jr., PO Box 234, Venice. (08-17105).

Patrick L. Joyce, 4722 Delmonte Ave., Sarasota. (08-17302).

Sharon Lavelle Long, 1909 Fern Ave., Sarasota. (08-17145).

Terry Ervin Mahaney, 2897 Gentian Road, Venice. (08-17370).

Rita Fay Orangias, 1055 W. Peppertree Dr. #307, Sarasota. (08-17368).

Vera and Steven Roush, 2302 Prospect St., Sarasota. (08-17143).

Senior Photographers, Inc., 1532 US Hwy 41 Bypass S. #303, Venice. (08-17524).

Joseph Demint Steven, 3421 Queens St. #637, Sarasota. (08-17468).

Charles A. Suarez, 1728 Bayonne St., Sarasota. (08-17233).

Agatha Eve Thiessen, 6555 Draw Lane, Sarasota. (08-17467).

Virginia Ann Vrobel, 408 Drochester Dr., Venice. (08-17369).

Bethany S. Whaley-Sigfrid, 810 Shorecrest Dr., Sarasota. (08-17258).

Chapter 11 Reorganization(Petitioners are shielded from creditor’s claims while a financial reorganization plan isdeveloped.)MANATEENone.SARASOTADVA Arena, LLC, 15 Paradise Plaza #347, Sarasota. (08-17418).

Scotties Potties, Inc., 115 S. Jackson Road, Venice. (08-17174).

Chapter 13 Debt Adjustments

(Petitioner arranges plan to repay debts.)MANATEERobert M. D’Amelio, 3819 99th St. W., Bradenton. (08-17562).

Frederick D. Daughtry, 1621 18th Ave. W., Bradenton. (08-17560).

Gary R. Ellen L. Flynn, 7124 Presidio Glen, Bradenton. (08-17572).

Sherry Linn Gebhardt, 3127 45th Way E., Bradenton. (08-17346).

Daniel Lawrence and Velvet Leigh Hamilton, 215 69th St. N.W., Bradenton. (08-17561).

Leslie T. Kerr, 5611 Bayshore Road #28, Palmetto. (08-17511).

Gerardo and Marsha Lopez, 8617 Ter. E., Bradenton. (08-17261).

Edward F. and Imelda G. Reda, 15660 Lemon Fish Dr., Bradenton. (08-17063).

Larry J. Simmons, 1404 21st Ave. W., Palmetto. (08-17536).

James R. Tack, PO Box 1124, Cortez. (08-17513).

Aimee L. Waller, 2715 Terra Ceia Bay Blvd. #404, Palmetto. (08-17509).SARASOTAMichael A. and Marlene A. Brown, 866 Bayshore Dr., Englewood. (08-17470).

Stephen W. and Carole Lynn Goff, 4709 Chandlers Forde, Sarasota. (08-17230).

Elizabeth Bassett and William T. Leonard Sr., 2878 Parrot St., North Port. (08-17123).

Steven D. and Cynthia C. Little, 311 Brookemeade Dr., Sarasota. (08-17173).

Christine M. Magan, 3928 Champagne Ave., North Port. (08-17526).

Joseph Wilbert and Laurie Ann McCallum, 2699 Zander Ter., North Port. (08-17549).

Martin K. and Nancy R. Queior, 2888 Wilburn Ter., North Port. (08-17023).

Michel Ruiz, 2495 10th St., Sarasota. (08-17571).

Dezso Toth and Agnes H. Valinth, 5373 San Juan Dr., Sarasota. (08-17064).

John Marshall Wolfe, 1735 Country Meadows Dr., Sarasota. (08-17428).BUILDING PERMITSThe following permits have been issued to allow construction exceeding $20,000 to begin:BRADENTONDT LLC, 1805 Frist Ave. W., $400,000, general construction, Mike Carter Construction.

Manatee West Shopping Center, LLC, 7421 Manatee Ave. W., $135,000, commercial addition oralteration, Cole Contracting Corp.

Karl D. Hibler, 1106 68th St. W., $26,430, general construction, Grayhawk Systems Inc.

Children’s Academy of Southwest Florida, 923 26th St. W., $470,000, school construction,Manasota Commercial.

Manatee Memorial Hospital, 206 Second St. E., $23,900, electrical, Doyle Electric Service Inc.