Public Records

Public records 11/09/08


FORECLOSURESForeclosed properties to be sold at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse.Listed are the borrower’s name, the property description, the amount of the trust deed, thelender and the file number.MONDAYNo records.TUESDAYNo records.WEDNESDAY

Donald P. Jacobs et al, $654,801.48, Suntrust Mortgage Inc., 2008-CA-001809.

Joaquin ALmodovar Sr. et al, $226,377.33, Suntrust Bank, 2007-CA-007988.

Michael S. Moody et al, $141,840.70, Chase Home Finance LLC et al, 2008-CA-000793.

Imelda Reda et al, $306,255.52, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 2008-CA-000593.

Keith Kesselring et al, $180,854.09, Washington Mutual Bank, 2007-CA-006442.

Juan Vazquez et al, $198,289.18, US Bank NA et al, 2008-CA-000232.THURSDAY

William C. Apperson et al, $202,511.95, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al,2008-CA-005639.

Daniel Howard et al, $234,686.56, Lasalle Bank NA, 2008-CA-003993.

Derek Hartman-Hoover et al, $331,600.03, Bank of New York, 2008-CA-003074.

Teri A. Riley et al, $881,874.57, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, 2008-CA-000610.

George D. Rhoden et al, $54,290.28, Bank of New York, 2007-CA-005723.

Roger Tabares et al, $235,335.74, Citimortgage Inc., 2008-CA-004917.

Maria A. Carranza et al, $172,612.72, Wells Fargo Bank, 2008-CA-005400.

Deanna J. Gordon et al, $134,801.42, Wachovia Bank NA, 2007-CA-006248.FRIDAY

Janet S. Kellogg et al, $2,488.78, Smuggler’s Cove Beach Resort Condominium Association,2007-CC-004912.Lisa M. Cuffaro et al, $986,997.24, Washington Mutual Bank FA, 2007-CA-008019.

Wilderness Crossings LLC et al, $3,049,055.49, Coast Bank of Florida, 2007-CA-004425.

Teresa E. Sanchez et al, $179,521.27, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al,2008-CA-002801.

Deanna Bouwer et al, $196,865.04, Citibank NA et al, 2008-CA-002603.

Sharon L. Taylor et al, $203,130.89, US Bank NA, 2008-CA-006280.

Antoinette G. Brockmeier et al, $216,495.28, US Bank NA, 2007-CA-004293.OCCUPATIONAL LICENSESThe following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:BRADENTONABC-1 LLC, 4905 S.R. 64 E., automotive, Carlos Beruff, 747-1410.

ABC-1 LLC, 4905 S.R. 64 E., merchant, Carlos Beruff, 747-1410.

Brown & Sons Funeral Home Inc., 604 43rd St. W., undertaker, embalmer, funeral, Dale Brown,758-7788.

Fifth Third Bank, 4630 S.R. 64 E., bank, Fifth Third Bank, 747-1920.

Gold Key Mortgage Services LC, 4909 Manatee Ave. W., broker, Gold Key Mortgage Services LC,795-7525.

Nurse On Call, 100 Third Ave. W., Unit 237, administrative office, Nurse On Call, 748-6010.

Servex LLC, 294 34th Ave. Dr. E., contractor-independent, Velichka Sinapova, 306-9701.

Wykoff Law Firm P.A., 4909 Manatee Ave. W., administrative office, Wykoff Law Firm P.A.,795-5565.

PALMETTOBANKRUPTCIESThe following businesses or individuals in Manatee and Sarasota counties have filed bankruptcypetitions in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa. Number in parentheses is thecase number.

Chapter 7 Liquidation

(Petitioner’s assets are liquidated to pay creditors.)MANATEEAlice Maureen Andrews, 210 N. 17th St. W. #15, Bradenton. (08-16918).

Christopher Alan Brown, 8775 52nd Ave. E., Bradenton. (08-16585).

Kathleen M. and George R. Donnelly, Jr., 4482 Sanibel Way, Bradenton. (08-16818).

Richard J. and Sharyn Donnelly, 5611 Bayshore Road #88, Palmetto. (08-16774).

Timothy M. and Donna L. Donnelly, 12235 Hollybush Ter., Bradenton. (08-16816).

Catina Favors, 1204 63rd Ave. E., Bradenton. (08-16864).

Gamma Underground, Inc., 1823 Spruce Creek Blvd., Port Orange. (08-16804).

Drew T. Grubisich, 3910 42nd St. W., Bradenton. (08-16589).

Judith Anne Leggett, 404 49th St. W., Palmetto. (08-16954).

Joseph Wiley Metcalf, 6342 35th Ave. Cir. E., Palmetto. (08-16708).

Robert L. Ramsey, 14070 Highland Road, Wimauma. (08-16842).

Julianne Randolph, 13208 Swallowtail Dr., Bradenton. (08-16612).

Marie-France Ratcliffe, 1809 29th St. W., Bradenton. (08-16583).

Rebecca and Robert Richardson Jr., 6509 Connecticut St., Bradenton. (08-16731).

Olivia Caye Stephen, 8374 Market St. #196, Bradenton. (08-16919).

Tyler Mason Stevens, 2339 126th Dr. E., Parrish. (08-16802).

SARASOTAVital H. Alexis, 1907 Sanford Cir., Sarasota. (08-16942).

Ann Elliott Angell, 4064 Fruitville Road, Sarasota. (08-16638).

John C. and Patricia A. Beatty, 3664 Pond View Lane, Sarasota. (08-16978).Alfredo R. Carvallo, 8114 45th Ct. E. #2, Sarasota. (08-16717).

Paul Homer Cook and Deserae Michelle Howard, 4205 Prudence Dr., Sarasota. (08-16562).Janet R. Flynn, 4557 Hansard Ave., North Port. (08-16754).

Linda J. Gannon, 4065 Mceachen Blvd., Sarasota. (08-16977).

John and Elizabeth Gilbert, 417 Sunrise Dr., Nokomis. (08-16933).

Jaquelin Gutierrez, 4815 Sans Souci Ave., North Port. (08-16843).

James Keith Hammond, PO Box 21234, Sarasota. (08-16599).

Rhonda Kay Kitchens, 3916 N. Shell Road, Sarasota. (08-16645).

Frederick R. and Susan D. LaCroix, 5060 Hablow Lane, North Port. (08-16572).

Sean and Ivonne Malo, 3261 Kingswood Dr., Sarasota. (08-16865).

Marjorie McDonald, 4347 Berkshire Dr., Sarasota. (08-16979).

Roger Wentworth Moore, PO Box 1286, Sarasota. (08-16801).

Philip David Nelson, 244 Shopping Ave. #106, Sarasota. (08-16576).

Jake James Raff, 634 C. St. #108, San Diego, CA. (08-16665).

Mark Steven Summers, PO Box 7167, North Port. (08-16805).

Robert A. and Mary Ann Thurston, 1800 Englewood Road #125, Englewood. (08-16573).

Jeffrey S. and Suzanne M. Vozeh, 4898 Flint Dr., North Port. (08-16752).

Anne Wadsworth, 604 Mount Vernon Dr., Venice. (08-16575).

David C. Zeiss, 4333 Winners Cir. #914, Sarasota. (08-16807).

Chapter 11 Reorganization

(Petitioners are shielded from creditor’s claims while a financial reorganization plan isdeveloped.)SARASOTAColony Beach & Tennis Club Association, Inc., 1620 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key. (08-16972).Chapter 13 Debt Adjustments(Petitioner arranges plan to repay debts.)MANATEEDavid and Donna Greenwood, 142 Lantana Cir., Parrish. (08-16969).

James Richard and Evelyn Janet Liggett, 14813 Skip Jack Loop, Bradenton. (08-16889).

Michael and Andrea Maghella, 6016 61st Ct. E., Palmetto. (08-16962).

Gloria V. Osorio, 7626 37th St. Cir. E., Sarasota. (08-16706).SARASOTACurt Anthony Blackmon, 3676 Monterey Lane, North Port. (08-16571).

Bryan David and Vickie S. Bruce, 1731 Oakford Road, Sarasota. (08-17006).

Juan Campos, 3312 Sixth St., Sarasota. (08-16556).

Charles J. and Roberta M. Clark, 2957 Wenona Dr., North Port. (08-16921).

Larry D. and Rosemary F. Fathauer, 318 Venice Blvd. E., Venice. (08-16751).

David Keyser, 2440 Altoona Ave., North Port. (08-16824).

Linda W. Loosman, 5827 Estates Dr., North Port. (08-16604).

Randall Jay and Tracy Lynn Moore, 2730 Johannesberg Road, North Port. (08-17007).

Angeline T. Morabito, 7037 Woodpointe Court, Sarasota. (08-16748).

Andres A. and Aida L. Ortiz, 1996 Batello Dr., Venice. (08-16704).

Guy Jacques Painchaud, 4175 Tee Road, Sarasota. (08-17008).

Elaine Phillips, 5833 Pauma Pl., Sarasota. (08-16705).

Frances J. Seibel, 1400 Pinyon Pine Dr., Sarasota. (08-16926).BUILDING PERMITSThe following permits have been issued to allow construction exceeding $20,000 to begin:BRADENTONCity of Bradenton, 100 Riverfront Blvd., $60,000, air conditioning installation, AirConditioning and Me.PALMETTOSpacebox Palmetto LL, 2100 U.S. Hwy. 301 N., Bldg. 1, $189,949, retail store construction, OdenHardy Construction Inc.