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Gevulde speculaas: an eternal craving

A close-up of gevulde speculaas.
A close-up of gevulde speculaas.

I’m lucky enough to work in a newsroom where one of our staff members has a Dutch background that she shares with us through food. And with that comes a delicious assortment of pastries and baked goods you’d never find on an American grocery store shelf.

There are certain foods that, once I try them, become a fixture in my mind forever. Gevulde speculaas are what I call an eternal craving.

Editorial assistant Angie Monroe orders special mixes and spices from overseas to make gevulde speculaas, or “stuffed biscuits.” Gevulde speculaas are spiced Dutch cookies with almond paste sandwiched between them. She had me at almond paste.

Here’s where Angie ordered the gevulde speculaas mix from. (You’ll likely have to translate the page to English.) Be warned: If you make them, you will not eat just one. And the mix doesn’t come with almond paste or almonds to garnish the top. You’re on your own for those. She also separately ordered the spices used in the cookies so she can make the pastry from scratch. I’ll be the first in line.

Angie isn’t the only master in the kitchen here. The Bradenton Herald staff is full of culinary talent. Island reporter Amaris Castillo shared her love of green plantains and sports reporter Jason Dill made an ice cream cake that looks like it’s to die for. And stay tuned: Later this week, our urban affairs reporter Mark Young shares his macaroni and cheese recipe.