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Gadgets: Summer accessories, a wetsuit for your phone, water-safety device for swimmers


Dog and Bone has some cool accessories for summer, including one that lets you go topless.

The wetsuit iPhone 6S/6 case is perfect for the season with a waterproof, shockproof, dirt-proof and even snow-proof design.

It’s as rugged as any smartphone case I’ve seen and has a unique feature, which the company calls the world’s first topless waterproof case.

They made the patent pending feature to help you avoid the lumpy and bumpy screen covers that are in many similar waterproof smartphone cases.

With this design, your iPhone slips into a silicon boot, sandwiched between a polycarbonate back and rubber over-molding.

The case has an IP68 waterproof rating, which according to Dog and Bone is the highest level of protection from water, drops and dust. This allows your phone to be fully submerged in water for one hour at a depth up to 2 meters or drops from up to 6.6 feet.

Dog and Bone also makes the LockSmart Bluetooth luggage padlock, which is controlled by an iOS or Android app and is TSA-approved.

With the lock, there’s no key to carry (and lose) or combination to remember. Just open the app to unlock the padlock.

The app also acts as a database for the lock, keeping track of when it was opened or closed, the date, time and who had the user access. It can even be set to open with touch ID or a passcode. $79.95 for the Wetsuit case, $89.95 for the LockSmart

Safety gadget

The Kingii is an innovative recreational water safety device for children in shallow water and even experienced surfers in the ocean.

It puts water safety directly on your wrist with a 4.9-ounce device on an adjustable strap. Once a lever is pulled on the wristband, a balloon instantly inflates, enabling it to support a person weighing up to 275 pounds.

You can use it above or below water, wherever it’s needed. A compass and whistle are built into the wrist strap.

It’s inflated by a replaceable CO2 cylinder cartridge containing 12 grams of pressurized, nonflammable gas.

You can use the Kingii as many times as you want — just pack it back up into the pouch and attach a new CO2 cylinder.

You get two cylinders with the Kingii and additional cylinders are available for purchase (2-pack $5.99 or a 5-pack for $14.99).

As mentioned on the Kingii site, it is not a Personal Flotation Device and cannot replace a life-vest, but it is a recreational water-device. $89.99

Travel adapter

The Skross World Adapter MUV USB is a great world travel AC adapter, which fits into outlets in 220 countries.

To make sure the adapter works in the country you’re heading to, check the Skross website where they have a handy guide to make sure you’re properly equipped.

In addition to fitting standard AC wall outlets in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S., there’s a pair of built-in USB ports.

It has a country sliding system to expose the plug you need; it’s that simple and that handy. $44.90

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