Pet doors, car seats get smart

Lowe's has many products for home safety in its Iris Smart Home Solution series, launched in 2012, including something for your four-legged family member.

The electronic pet door (doggie door) is part of the single-user interface, where you monitor and control just about everything you want. This includes the pet door that stays locked until your pet wants to do its thing. There's a small electronic sensor you put on pet collars and then once he or she approaches the door, the alarm shuts off instantly.

After the business is completed your friend can re-approach the pet door where the alarm again shuts off for them to enter. Once the door comes to a rest, the alarm is back on.

The door also prevents other animals from entering the electronic pet door since they will not have a sensor.

The door can be built into a wall or door (fits doors 1-{ to 2-inches thick) and measures 16 x 11-inches.

An electronic schedule can be set to allow the door to be opened during hours you want for up to five pets. There are three modes to choose from; automatic, locked and unlocked. You can also monitor your pets' ins and outs.

Works on four D-cell batteries (not included). $220

Believe it or not you can now add brushing your teeth as something you can do with a smartphone app.

Oral-B PRO 5000 Smart

Series called itself the world's first available interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth (4.0) connectivity.

As a longtime Oral-B electric toothbrush user, this new one is an instant winner.

After downloading the free app and pairing your toothbrush with it, you're set to go.

The app has you brush for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes per brush but also adds extra time for areas that need it.

As you brush, a graphic on your smartphone shows you the time and the area you need to brush to ensure equal cleaning in each quadrant of the mouth. Of course a "spit" is needed now and then.

There's also a pressure sensor to activate when you are brushing too hard along with five different cleaning modes: daily cleaning, deep clean, whitening, gum care and for sensitive teeth and gums.

After your few minutes are complete the program asks you a few questions including whether you flossed.

A nice travel case is included to protect the brush and charger. $111.99

It's rare for a summer to go by without news breaking of a baby locked in a hot car.

Statistics supplied by Voxx in a recent press release states "From 1998-2013 there have been over 600 incidents where a child has died from heat stroke after being left in a hot motor vehicle."

Now the company has a solution for that with a product due out this summer called Child Separation Alarm.

There's not a lot of setup to Child Separation Alarm, nothing you can't do yourself in just a few minutes.

A sensor is placed between the hard surface of the car seat and the seat pad. Then a key fob is attached to your keychain, which makes a Bluetooth connection with the sensor.

The key fob sounds an alarm once it is removed from the vehicle if you walk away with the baby still in the car seat. It uses an automatic weight-sensing system to determine whether the baby has been removed.

Child Separation Alarm comes with one keychain alarm, but you can add up to three keychain alarms.

A text alert can also be programed. For example the baby's mother can be texted when a baby sitter leaves the baby in the car.

The Baby on Board system is expected out this summer for $59.99

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