Bay area gas prices reaching low point this year

ST. PETERSBURG -- Gas prices in the Bay area are dropping to some of their lowest levels of the year.

Several gas stations in Pasco and parts of Pinellas have gas for less than $3 a gallon.

Johanna Cavataio commutes from Riverview to the Westshore area every day for work. She said she has to fill up her gas tank quite a bit.

"It does take a toll on the paycheck," said Cavataio. "It hits the pocketbook quite a bit."

She said she was happy to see gas prices coming down.

Like many drivers, Ken Daly in Pasco County has been waiting a while for gas prices to fall.

“Last week they said it was supposed to go down, and it went up higher," Daly said. "It went from like, $3.19 up to $3.20, $3.25-3.30, so I’m going, am I losing my mind? Did I hear wrong?”

According to AAA, the lower prices are thanks to an uneventful hurricane season, and less demand since the summer driving season is over.

Experts say fall is the time of year when refineries switch to a cheaper blend of gas and they say prices are even lower than usual this year because of falling global oil prices.

Bay News 9 Reporter Laurie Davison contributed to this report.