Sarasota company restarts, to hire 6

SARASOTA - Bio Zapp Laboratories, a company that specializes in odor abatement, has leased space in a Sarasota warehouse and expects to hire six employees in the near future.

The company, founded in 1988 in San Antonio, Texas, has been restarted in the Deacon Road facility by founder Miky Gershenson, who moved to the area five months ago.

The company specializes in niche products that eliminate odors. Two of its main products are a paint odor eliminator and a smoke and fire odor eliminator.

“I find niches and go for it,” Gershenson said about developing new products.

Bio Zapp’s new warehouse facility will be used for storage and shipping, he said. Manufacturing is done at a separate facility.

The company also has a service department division that provides odor elimination services for airlines, hotels, trains, kennels and other businesses.