Christmas Wish | Solar flashlight

@BR Ednote:EDITOR’S NOTE: Every holiday season, the Bradenton Herald staff picks favorite gift selections from local businesses.

Gift: Infinite Solar Flashlight

Description: This little beauty never runs out of juice, at least not in Florida. With a bright LED light and its own little solar panel for generating power, you can’t beat it.

Cost: $6.99

Where purchased: EweNique Touch Gift Shop, inside Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n, 3401 14th St. W., Bradenton, (941) 746-9893.

Why I like it: I frequently need a flashlight and hate to reach for one in the dark of night only to discover that its batteries are dead. These colorful gadgets conveniently recharge as they sit in the sun on the dash of your car, or on a windowsill.

-- Sara Kennedy,

Herald staff writer