CHRISTMAS WISH | Earth (The Book)

@BR Ednote:Editor’s Note: Every holiday season, the Bradenton Herald news staff selects their favorite gift selections from local businesses.

Gift: Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race.

Description: Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writers pen a comedic spin on the history of the human species. The satire is an excellent follow up to Stewart’s first mock textbook, America (The Book), and is written to aliens as a user guide to the planet, humans and the influences pop culture has on us.

Cost: $27.99

Where to purchase: Lakewood Ranch Bookworms, 8111 Lakewood Main St., Bradenton.

Why I like it: Jon Stewart brings humor to the classic subjects we all had to take in high school and writes the kind of textbooks we wish we had.

-- Grace Gagliano, Herald Staff Writer