12/23 Christmas wish: Netbook

@BR Ednote:Editor’s Note: Each Christmas season Bradenton Herald staff select their favorite gift selections from local businesses and nonprofits.

Gift suggestion: Netbook.

Description: It’s a small computer that is half the price of a laptop, but can do all the basics including word processing, Internet research, photo swapping and social networking. What it can’t do is hold large picture files or do something like computer assisted drafting.

Cost: Netbooks range from $200 to roughly $400.

Why I like it: If you don’t need a lot of RAM for designing a building, then a netbook may be a perfect computer choice this Christmas. There are even brightly colored ones for kids. The computer weighs about three pounds and is more convenient to haul around than a laptop. It has about 1 gigabyte of memory and a 160 gigabyte hard drive.

Where you can buy it: Computer Renaissance sells new, used and custom-built computers, including Dell, Gateway and HP. The store is located at 4405 14th St. W. For more information, call (941) 753-8277.

— Richard Dymond