Dare to Dream

Some of the year’s best movie memories came courtesy of Hollywood’s computer animation wizards. Travel the sewers of Paris with a rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a great French chef in “Ratatouille.” Take an unexpected detour with Lighting McQueen, the young racer who exits the fast lane to learn what life’s all about in “Cars.”

The 2007 Oscar nominees and some of the year’s hottest box office draws in animation will charm kids and anyonewho’s ever dreamed big.

1 Happy Feet (Warner HomeVideo, 2007) $19.98 2007Academy Award Winner foranimated films

2 Cars (Walt Disney Video,2006) $29.99 2007 AcademyAward nominee

3 Monster House (Sony Pictures,2006) $28.95 2007Academy Award nominee

4 Shrek the Third (ParamountHome Video/Dreamworks)$29.99

5 Meet the Robinsons (WaltDisney Video, 2007) $29.99

6 Surf’s Up (Sony Pictures,2007) $24.99

7 TMNT (Warner Bros., 2007)$28.98

8 Happily N’Ever After(Lionsgate, 2007) $19.98

9 Arthur and the Invisibles(The Weinstein Company,2007) $19.95

10 Ratatouille (Walt DisneyVideo, 2007) $29.99

Take 10: Top TV Shows of 2007

Relive Every Titillating Moment

Are there escape artists on your gift list? Wrap up hours of blissfulcouch time by giving them a season’s worth (or more) of a top TV show,commercially uninterrupted. The following titles were nominated for 2007Golden Globe Awards for excellence in TV series and drama.

1 Ugly Betty (Buena Vista HomeEntertainment/ Touchstone,2007) $60Golden Globe winner for best TVseries, comedy

2 Desperate Housewives (BuenaVista Home Entertainment, 2007)$60

3 Entourage (HBO Home Video,2007) $40

4 The Office (Universal Studios,2007) $50

5 Grey’s Anatomy (Buena VistaHome Entertainment/Touchstone,2007) $60Golden Globe winner for best TVseries,drama

6 24 (20th Century Fox,2007) $60

7 Big Love (HBO Home Video,2006) $60

8 Heroes (Universal Studios,2007) $100

9 Lost (Buena Vista Home Entertainment,2005) $60

10 Weeds. (Lionsgate, 2007) $40