The World Isn't Flat

    Today’s top games often leave the board behind and invite players to perform, race theclock and defend their answers to the end – or at least dinner-


These games are all about how well playerscan put on a show:

  • “Pop 5” – Players choose from five clue-givingmethods to display pop-culture savvy. (Cranium)
  • “Catch Phrase: Music Edition” – Players tryto guess artists or music genres and win extrapoints by singing or humming lyrics. (Hasbro)
  • “Cahoots!” – Players try to convey clues in alimited manner in this “charades on steroids”game. (SimplyFun)
  • All in the family

    New games that appeal to players of all ages:

  • “Zooreka” – Players race to create the ultimate zoo, using food,animals and shelter as the currency to build their habitats.(Cranium)
  • “Pictureka!” – Players of practically any age scour a mosaic oftwo-sided tiles for all the items on their list. (Hasbro)
  • “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” – Players attempt toprove that, indeed, they are smarter than a fifth-grader in thisboard-game version of the TV trivia game show. (Hasbro)
  • “Word Sweep” – Players try to match three consecutive definitionsto three words that appear consecutively in the dictionary. Threelevels helps level the playing field between age groups.(Intelinitiative)
  • “Quartile” – Math meets dominoes in this match-’em-up game.(SimplyFun)
  • Hurry up!

    Fast-paced games and sped-up classics perfectfor squeezing in a game anytime:

  • “Express” versions of staples like “Monopoly,”“Sorry!” and “Scrabble!” make it easy to enjoy aclassic game in a pinch. (Hasbro)
  • “Last Word” – One subject, one letter, one raceagainst the clock to get in the last word. (BuffaloGames)
  • “Monopoly: Electronic Payment Edition” – A newdebit systems eliminates the need for a banker,putting players on the fast track to tycoon. (Hasbro)
  • It’s all subjective

    Winning’s just a bonus in the wild-and-crazy worldof social party games. Titles to look for this season:

  • “Would You Rather…? Sick, Twisted and Wrong” –Banter and defend the lesser evil of two very compromisingsituations. (Zobmondo!!)
  • “Apples to Apples” – Choose the best wacky comparisonbetween an adjective and a group of often-ill-fittingnouns. (Out of the Box)
  • “The T-Shirt Game” – Match the funniest slogan andimage to create the best shirt. (Buffalo Games)
  • “IMAgiNiff” – Conjure up the best “what if” scenariofor each person in the room. (Buffalo Games)
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