Florida teacher accused of using hot sauce to discipline students

A Florida teacher is in hot water for apparently using hot sauce to discipline her special-needs students.

Lillian Gomez, a teacher in Osceola County, is accused of pouring hot sauce over crayons to teach autistic children not to put them in their mouths, according to a report on

"I was really upset. I couldn't believe it. Honestly, I was like how can a teacher of so many years do something like that,” Karina Holguin told the TV station.

Two of her nephews are in the class.

“They got to be traumatized, especially for a kid who can't express himself like any other children that can tell you this hurts or doesn’t hurt,” she said.

Gomez, who has been suspended, could be fired later this month from her job at Sunrise Elementary in Kissimmee.

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