Bradenton council considers possible elections changes

BRADENTON -- The Bradenton City Council today huddled with Supervisor of Elections Bob Sweat to discuss the best way to align the city's elections with those of the rest of the county, and how to eliminate expensive city runoff elections.

Eliminating runoff elections could save taxpayers money, as they cost about $50,000 or $60,000, said Carl Callahan, city clerk and treasurer.

Such changes would also simplify the process for the voter, officials said.

“Our whole idea is to be in line with everyone else," said Councilman Patrick Roff.

Officials will have to decide whether to hold a referendum on eliminating run-off elections during the primary election in August, or during the general election in November, Sweat told councilmembers meeting in a workshop session at City Hall.

They would also have to specify new qualifying dates for when candidates are required to have their paperwork finished in order to run for election, Sweat said.