Eight days before polls open, 107,779 Florida Republicans have already cast ballots

From Republican Party of Florida spokesman Brian Hughes' @GoMeteoric Twitter account: Absentees as of today: 435,067 requested, 107,779 of these ballots already cast.

Yup. That means Florida Republicans are just days away from casting more ballots by mail than the votes cast by the 122,000 Iowa Caucus voters earlier this month.

The polls don't even open until Jan. 21, when South Carolina holds its early primary. At the same time, Floridians can show up to the polls and vote early. Or they can wait until the official election day, Jan. 31.

Other big differences between Florida and the early vote states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina: Florida has more electoral college votes than all of them combined, and during the primary, only Florida Republicans can vote for the Republican nominee. Sorry Ron Paul.

Likely beneficiary: Mitt Romney, who has blanketed Florida airwaves and mailboxes with ads.