Florida House proposes redistricting changes, Senate schedules vote

The Florida House has offered up a 12 new amendments to its redistricting maps, tweaking the boundaries to the seven congressional maps and four of its five proposed House maps. Details about the new configurations will be released later in the week, House staff said.

The House Reapportionment subcommittees are scheduled to narrow the field to three proposals for both the House and Congressional maps on Monday, said Rep. Will Weatherford, chairman of the full committee. He said Wednesday the House will complete its by the session's midpoint.

The Senate, meanwhile, is moving at a more accelerated pace. It plans to vote on its proposals for state Senate and congressional maps on Jan. 11, a day after the session begins. The chamber will then bring the bills to second reading on Jan. 17, with a final floor vote scheduled no later than Jan. 20, said Sen. Don Gaetz, Senate Reapportionment Committee chairman.