'The Daily Show' asks Florida attorney general Bondi to pee in a cup; she hands them a cup

Attorney General Pam Bondi was ready when Comedy Central reporter Aasif Mandvi approached her after her press conference on Thursday.

"You supported the TANF drug test bill and I am just wondering if today you would be willing to undergo a drug test of your own as somebody who receives taxpayer money," said Mandvi, a reporter for Jon Stewart's The Daily Show — just as he had asked Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday. It's a reference to the bill legislators passed last year requiring all welfare recipients to pass a drug test but the measure was challenged by the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and put on hold by an Orlando court. Gov. Rick Scott is appealing the ruling and Bondi's office is defending it.

Bondi pulled out a platic cup. "Well, that's very interesting that you should say that,'' she said, "because as attorney general, I'm always prepared."

"You have a sample of your urine!'' Mandvi exclaimed. "Is this really your urine?"

His cameras followed Bondi as she and her entourage walked away. "Thank you. Have a great day,'' Bondi said. "My name's on the top."

It was, scrawled in pen. "How do we know it's your urine?" Mandvi asked, incredulously. "How do we know it's not apple juice? All right — we will test this in the lab."

As his camera crew returned, he looked at the cup. "It says Pam Bondi. I don't know if it's really urine though.'' He smelled it. "It's apple juice." He tasted it. "It's apple juice."

His cameraman noted, "She's a pretty woman." Mandvi agreed. "She just has incredibly beautiful smelling urine."

Meanwhile, The Daily Show also asked several legislators to pee in a cup, most of whom voted for the bill last year. Those who agreed: Rep. Joe Abruzzo, D-West Palm Beach; Rep. Jose Feliz Diaz, R-Miami; Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg; and Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando.