Florida patient whose face caught on fire during surgery asks for her kids

A Florida woman whose face caught during surgery to remove three cysts from her head is slowly recuperating at a burn center. She has asked to see her three children.

“I am so ready to see my babies,” Kim Grice told the Crestview News Bulletin. “But I don’t want them to see my this way.”

Grice, 29, is undergoing treatment for her burns at South Alabama Medical Center. She was undergoing surgery last week at the Crestview Surgery Center in North Florida when a “flash fire” broke out during the operation and spread to her face.According to news reports, Grice was wearing an oxygen mask and the surgeon was using a cauterization tool to stop bleeding when the fire erupted.

"My baby is physically and emotionally a mess from this nightmare, but we will get through it as a family," Kim Grice’s mother, Ann, told the News Bulletin.

"We've got a lot of love. My husband, Frankie, Kim's daddy, has had throat cancer and I have some problems with a kidney and we got through that because of this strong love. So we are going to take this one day at a time."