MSO: Manatee inmate attacks deputy in jail

MANATEE -- An inmate at Manatee County jail was stunned Friday after he alledgedly lunged at a deputy, the sheriff’s office reports.

Norbert Kyle, 30, was arrested Thursday for violation of probation following a battery charge.

While in jail, Kyle asked a deputy for his cell assignment and he was told to wait, according to an arrest report. When the deputy tried to get Kyle’s attention, he was ignored, so he exited the room.

At that point, Kyle got up, walked to the door and said, “If you want a problem, I’ll give you one,” the report said. The deputy then attempted to get Kyle to the medical ward of the jail, but Kyle said he wasn’t going anywhere and wanted to kill himself.

The deputy took out his stun gun and told Kyle to calm down, the report said. Kyle then lunged at the deputy, causing him to deploy the stun gun with both probes hitting him in the chest area. Kyle then threw his shirt at the deputy and an altercation followed.

Kyle then grabbed a detective’s duty belt and tried to remove his stun gun, the report said. The deputy then removed Kyle’s hands from the stun gun and the altercation ended.

The deputy was not injured during the incident, but Kyle received two probe marks on his abdomen from the stun gun and a small scratch on his right side.

Kyle has been charged with battery on an officer, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence. He is currently in Manatee County jail on a $11,120 bond.