Poston: No role for DDA in Fisherman Joe's dispute

BRADENTON -- Mayor Wayne Poston today said he does not see a role for the Downtown Development Authority in the dispute between the owner of the Fisherman Joe's restaurant and his landlord.

Specifically, Poston said he does not see using some of the $250,000 that had been promised by the DDA to the owner of the Ezra restaurant if it had been relocated to downtown instead going to Fisherman Joe's owner Joe McDonald.

The Ezra deal collapsed, in part, because of the owner's concern about negative publicity after the agreement was announced.

"It's not the same issue at all," Poston said.

"It's a business transition between a tenant and landlord. I don't think one has anything to do with another," he said.

Poston said it was "too bad" that McDonald and the DeLesline family, the building's landlord, couldn't reach agreement on a lease.

"There are a lot of patrons that really enjoy Fisherman Joe's," Poston said.