Water service may be affected along part of Manatee Avenue

The city of Bradenton will conduct a water main valve exercising program from 8:30-3 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday along Manatee Avenue between 1st-8th streets west in conjunction with the state’s Manatee Avenue construction project.

During this time customers in this area may experience a period of low water pressure, discoloration of water or temporary interruption of service.

The proper operation of the valves is important as they are used to isolate individual water mains and allow the contractor to safely connect existing mains to the new water main that is being installed.

Discolored water may result when minerals are dislodged from the water mains. These minerals are not harmful, but may stain porcelain or laundry. If discoloration occurs, it is recommended that you run a cold water tap in your house until the water runs clear. Running water outside through a garden hose also may help. Depending on the proximity of your water service to the location of the work, it may take five to 10 minutes for the discoloration to dissipate. Once your cold water runs clear, take the additional precaution of flushing your hot water tanks by running a hot water tap for a few minutes.

Water also may have a milky appearance, which is caused by the introduction of tiny air bubbles into the water during the valve exercising. This is also not harmful and the condition will dissipate as the air bubbles exit from the water.

If your water pressure seems low following completion of the valve exercising program, remove and clean the screens in your water faucets. The screens may have gathered particles dislodged from inside the water mains.

Regardless of whether you experience any water discoloration, it is advisable for you to take the precaution of making sure your water is running clear before doing any laundry or other projects where discolored water could cause problems. If any problems persist with your water service, call the city of Bradenton Water Distribution at (941) 708-6300.