Neighbors of former Manatee deputy charged with murder speak out

MANATEE -- News of former Manatee County deputy Robert Taylor’s arrest Tuesday in the death of his wife Pamela Taylor didn’t appear to send many shock waves through his old neighborhood.

In fact, the news only brought relief to those who lived near him.

“It was going to happen. I’m glad he is finally arrested,” said neighbor Scott Mueller.

It’s been nearly two years, but Mueller still remembers seeing law enforcement vehicles parked in front of his neighbor’s home Sept. 11, 2008.

“It was sad when I came home and saw the police,” Mueller said, adding that he knew right away that she had died.

The Taylors’ former home is completely different now, Mueller said. The lawn that Pamela Taylor used to spend her weekends tending to is mainly dirt and weeds, and the backyard has a screened-in pool with filthy water.

“They used to have the best yard,” Mueller said. “It was always nice looking.”

Robert Taylor, a 6-foot 2-inch tall man weighing 250 pounds, according to the sheriff’s office, was known for his temper, neighbors say.

A neighbor recalls Robert Taylor picking fights with neighbors on several occasions. One in particular was with another neighbor over the way his car was parked.

“He went off on him and tells him he’s a sheriff and he’ll have him arrested” if he didn’t fix how his car was parked, said the 72-year-old neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

“I just don’t understand why they didn’t arrest him the first day. He was very off.”

Mueller has similar memories of Robert Taylor, but recalls good memories of Pamela Taylor.

“She was a nice woman,” Mueller said. “But they kept to themselves.”

Robert Taylor was arrested in Gravois Mills, Mo. He is being held in the Morgan County, Mo., jail. Local detectives were expecting to bring him back to Manatee some time in the next week, according to a report.

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