In Ellenton, wishes fall from the sky

ELLENTON -- As Victoria and Jack Sampson sat pool side with their grandparents Thursday night, something fell out of the sky.

Jack, 5, saw it first and called everyone else at the Ridgewood home to come and look. It was a wish lantern. Around it, written in marker, were wishes.

“It’s made out of paper and it was sent up in the air by someone,” said grandfather Ray Dubeau, 64. “We didn’t know what it was and we approached it gingerly. But as soon as we figured it out I thought, ‘Gee, we’ve privileged to have found it.’ ”

The wishes were heartfelt.

One read, “I wish my sister doesn’t have cancer.”

“I wish I had enough money to buy Christmas gifts and pay the bills,” read another.

“I wish I could stay positive.”

“I wish I could see my children more often.”

Since the wishes literally fell right out of the sky, it was uncertain where they came from.

“I think it’s kind of cool,” said Victoria, 8. “Some people thought it was from a church or New Year’s wishes. I don’t know where it came from because it kind of just fell out of the sky.”

Victoria’s favorite wish: “I wish my dog could live longer.”

“I don’t have a dog, but I want one,” said Victoria, who cannot wait to tell her friends about the wish lantern that fell in front of her.

The family said they wanted to share their finding so others could be touched by those wishes.

Grandmother Penny Sampson, 66, thinks the timing of the wishes falling out of the sky was perfect.

“We just saw the ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ and it’s interesting how things just fall out of the sky.”

According to, wish lanterns are traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals, and many people release them to symbolize the release of worries and/or problems.

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