Fla. sees 3rd cholera case after Haiti outbreak

MIAMI --The Miami-Dade Health Department said Monday night they have confirmed their first case of cholera.

According to test results, an airline passenger who arrived on a flight to Miami International Airport on Thanksgiving evening had contracted cholera in Haiti, the department said.

The unidentified man, believed to be a doctor, arrived on an American Airlines flight from neighboring Dominican Republic.

“We contacted our staff physicians from the cockpit and they said the plane should be met by EMS,” said Tim Smith, a spokesperson for American in Dallas. “We contacted the Centers for Disease Control and were assured that cholera is not contagious under normal circumstances.”

Smith said that, as a precaution, “The aircraft was taken out of service overnight and underwent a thorough sanitizing of the lavatories and passenger areas.”

American Airlines said no announcement was made to passengers on the plane with the man who fell sick.

He became ill during the flight and told officials he had spent time working in Haiti.

The man is recovering from the illness.

Cholera is caused by a bacterial infection of the intestine that causes severe dehydration.

In some situations it is contagious -- in rare instances it has been transmitted though the carrier’s contaminated hands and vomit. Untreated cases can be fatal.

Passengers from Haiti and the Dominican Republic are being scrutinized in Florida due to an outbreak in Haiti which has killed hundreds.

This marks the third confirmed case of cholera in Florida.

This marks the third confirmed case in Florida. State health officials say a Collier County woman and an Orlando-area women have recovered from cholera linked to an outbreak in Haiti.

The disease is caused by a bacterial infection of the intestine.

Normally, it’s transmitted through an infected water supply.