Bradenton expands list of items for its recycling program

BRADENTON — City residents will now be able to put colored glass, pizza boxes, cardboard and shampoo bottles in the recycle bin.

The Public Works Department has expanded the recycling program to include those items and a lot more.

Previously, residents were restricted to recycling basically newspaper, plastic containers and aluminum cans, but with the expanded program much of a household’s waste products can be recycled.

With the additional items being recycled, the amount of garbage going to the landfill will be reduced, saving the environment and costs.

There are no extra costs to the residents for the expanded program.

Items to be recycled should be placed in the blue, two-bin container provided by the city, with newspapers in one bin and all other items in the other. Non-recyclable garbage should go into the larger green bin.

The following items can be recycled:

n newspaper

n non-shredded office and computer paper (all colors)

n junk mail (advertisements, windowed envelopes, magazines)

n fiberboard (clean cereal, cracker and soda boxes)

n cardboard

n glass bottles and jars (clear, brown and green)

n aluminum, tin and steel cans

n steel jar lids

n plastics with recycle numbers one through seven

n brown paper bags

n liquor bottles

n milk and juice cartons

n phone books

n pizza boxes

n plastic window envelopes

n shampoo bottles

n shopping inserts

n soda, milk and juice boxes

n yogurt containers

The following items cannot be recycled:

n aluminum foil

n aluminum siding

n baking pans and deli trays

n broken glass, paint cans, tin roofs

n cellophane

n ceramics, dishes, vases and pottery

n clothes hangers

n coffee pots

n drinking glasses

n eye glasses

n flower pots

n kitchen utensils and appliances

n machines

n paper plates

n paper towels, gift wrap, food wrap

n plastic grocery bags (recycle these at the grocery store)

n PVC or Styrofoam

n shredded paper

n tissues or tissue paper

n tools and auto parts

n toxic materials

n toys, diapers

n windows, crystal, mirrors and light bulbs

n windshields

For large amounts of cardboard that will not fit in the city’s containers, residents can use the cardboard bins at one of these locations:

n G.T. Bray park, 3001 51st St. W. (the bin is in the north parking lot near the canal)

n Braden River Park, 5201 51st St. E.

n Blackstone Park, 2100 14th Ave. W., Palmetto