Former Manatee deputy to fight for job before appeal board

A former Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy working as a bailiff will fight for his job before a Career Service Appeal Board next week, according to a released statement.

Willie Barton was terminated May 21 for violating several general orders, including neglect of duty, insubordination and conduct unbecoming stemming from five incidents, according internal affairs reports.

Barton, who worked security in the historic courthouse, was accused of not attentively searching people as they entered the building, according to reports. Supervisors also had issues with the way Barton presented time he took off from work.

Barton will go before the board at 9:30 a.m. June 8 at the Manatee County Operations Center, 600 201 Blvd. W., Suite 202, in the media room.

The board is composed of two sheriff’s office employee selected by Barton and two sheriff’s office employees selected by administration. The group will collectively appoint a fifth employee as a chairperson. The group will render a decision with a majority vote.

The board can either uphold the termination or give Barton a lesser form of disciplinary action.

— Marc R. Masferrer, Robert Napper and Beth Burger