Manatee sheriff’s office returns 22 items to burglary victims, more than 400 items remain

MANATEE — Manatee County Sheriff’s Office still has more than 400 items — including laptops, iPods and other electronic items — recovered from raids conducted last month.

This past week, burglary victims from the past few months were invited to come in to view recovered stolen property seized when three homes were raided April 28.

However, only 22 items were returned to victims.

While there were a steady number of people searching for their belongings, many items remain unclaimed, said Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Dave Bristow.

It’s possible if victims do not contact the sheriff’s office, the items will go up for auction.

The occupants in the raided homes were running illegal pawn shops and shipping stolen goods back to Mexico, authorities said. Detectives seized the items and arrested five people. Two of the suspects remain on an immigration hold, according to the Manatee County jail website.

Anyone burglarized recently and who wants to search for their belongings must bring in a report and proof of ownership to reclaim their belongings.

For more information, contact the sheriff’s office at 747-3011.