New photos, information released in Anthony case

Photographs of a syringe, Gatorade bottle and a child’s car seat are among the images released Tuesday in the first-degree murder case against accused daughter-killer Casey Anthony.

Also released was television news footage taken when Anthony’s family, including parents George and Cindy, were still looking for Casey Anthony’s 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie.

The footage from WFTV-Channel 9 shows a missing-child flier attached to something with a piece of duct tape.

Duct tape is significant in this case because previously released evidence shows the toddler’s mouth was covered by tape when she died.

The syringe and Gator-ade bottle have also come up in previously released evidence. Records show trace amounts of chloroform, a potentially deadly chemical, on some of the evidence, though it’s unclear whether the chemical played a role in the child’s death.

Authorities ruled her death a homicide, but they could not determine how she died.

An FBI report in November shows investigators found a plastic Gatorade Cool Blue sports-drink bottle near the child’s remains. A plastic bag labeled “Disposable Syringe Kit” with a syringe was found inside the bottle. A report generated in June and labeled “Summary of results” by Dr. Michael Rickenbach of the FBI’s labs indicates chloroform, testosterone, ethanol and water inside the syringe.

Caylee’s remains were found scattered in woods in December 2008, just blocks away from the east Orange County home she shared with her mother and grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

Also included are documents from the FBI Laboratory’s Chemistry Unit, Casey Anthony’s wage information and Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports.