Deputies tase, pepper spray man charged with domestic battery

MANATEE -- Deputies used a taser on a man they were trying to arrest in connection with a domestic battery, and once they had placed him into a patrol car, pepper sprayed him to make him stop kicking out a window.

Deputies were called to the 5900 block of 99th St. E., shortly before midnight Sunday in reference to the battery. They learned that a woman had been kicked so hard it knocked her into a wall, cracking the drywall. Her inebriated attacker then began punching holes in the drywall, according to a Manatee County Sheriff's Office report.

When deputies arrived, the man was sitting in his pickup truck, but came inside to get his dogs.Deputies attempted to arrest the man for domestic battery, but he pulled away and ran.

He fell but refused to stay down when deputies told him to stay on the ground so they could arrest him. The man was warned that if he refused to comply he would be tased. When he tried to get back up, deputies tased him and he went back to the ground. After a struggle, deputies were able to get him handcuffed.

He was placed into the back of the patrol vehicle, where he began kicking the passenger side window causing it to flex out, damaging the frame. Deputies opened the door and pepper sprayed him. The man then stopped kicking at the window and was transported to jail after being cleared by Emergency Medical Services without further incident.

Charged in the incident was Matthew McCluskey, 45.