Bradenton police: Reported home invasion was a hoax

BRADENTON - Bradenton police said today that a 30-year-old woman was lying when she said she was attacked Thursday by an intruder in her apartment, according to a news release.

The woman, who lives in the 700 block of 51st Street East, called 911 Thursday to report that she had been attacked and had had her throat cut by a male intruder. Police cordoned off the area and looked for a suspect but found no one matching the woman's description of the attacker.

The woman was found to have a non-life-threatening laceration on her neck.

Today, detectives determined that the incident had been fabricated and that the wound was self inflicted. When confronted with the investigative findings, the woman admitted to fabricating the incident to obtain medication, according to police.

The woman was was taken to a medical facility for treatment. No criminal charges will be filed, police said.