Reclaimed water service restored in NW Bradenton

Manatee County’s wastewater treatment system has recovered to a point that reclaimed water service in northwest Bradenton has been restored. Reclaimed water customers may now resume once-a-week irrigation but may experience low pressure over the next several days.

"We greatly appreciate the patience of our customers over the past several weeks as we have dealt with a significant disruption at our Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facility,” said Manatee County Utilities Director Dan Gray. “It gives us a sense of relief to announce that reclaimed water service has been restored to the northwest Bradenton service area.”

Reclaimed water service was discontinued for residents west of 63rd Avenue East and 33rd Street East in west and northwest Bradenton on Nov. 19, due to equipment failure at the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Storms in December set back the recovery of the reclaimed water system by wiping out microorganisms that play a vital role in properly bringing wastewater up to regulated standards. Utilities officials say there’s a slight chance that current frigid weather conditions could affecthe system. As a result, they’ll continue will continue to monitor the recovery closely over the next week.