3 teens arrested New Year's Eve

MANATEE — Two teens were arrested in connection with an attempted armed robbery and a third was charged with trespassing and obstruction New Year’s Eve, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

A resident told investigators he was in his back yard in the 5800 block of 8th St. Court East, Bradenton, at 7:47 p.m. when several young males approached him. One pointed a handgun at his neck and demanded money. The victim said several times that he had no money, and the young male fled to the south.

An hour later, several males approached an unknown female and male near the 610 block of 61st Avenue East and robbed them of their groceries at gun point. The victims went to another address where the residents there reported the robbery.

Subsequently, a Manatee Sheriff’s sergeant spotted several males matching the description of those involved in the two incidents heading east in the 600 block of 60th Avenue East. When the sergeant activated his emergency blue lights to conduct an investigative stop, the suspects ran behind the houses on 6th Street East.

One of the suspects was found trying to jump a fence in the 800 block of 58th Avenue Drive East. After several warnings, a police dog was used and bit the suspect on his legs by the K-9. The teen was transported to the emergency room at Manatee Memorial Hospital where he was treated for minor dog bites. He was charged with trespass and obstruction.

About 9:50 p.m., two other suspects were found in the 5600 block of 6th St. Court East and positively identified as the two suspects who attempted to commit the first armed robbery.

Bobby Jackson, 15, was arrested for attempted armed robbery. Donnell Livingston, 16 was arrested for accessory to attempted armed robbery.