Hogs run wild, damage police car

MANATEE -- A deputy swerved to avoid two wild hogs that ran across Buckeye Road early this morning, but he didn't see a third one until it was too late.

The hog failed to yield to the vehicle, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office report.

The hog was struck by the vehicle's push bumper, front left bumper, and then the driver door area on the side of the vehicle. The deputy was not injured.

The deputy said he saw the two wild hogs in his lane and swerved into the west-bound traffic lane to avoid them. Upon entering the oncoming traffic lane, a third hog abruptly entered the roadway and attempted to run across the street heading south.

The deputy attempted to maneuver back to his lane, but was unable to avoid the third hog.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight in the 11800 block of Buckeye Road.

Wild hogs are frequently reported in rural areas of Manatee County and even in some neighborhoods.