2 residents flee home invader

MANATEE -- Two residents fled from a gunman who entered their home in the 5200 block of 31st Street Court East, Bradenton, about 3 a.m. today.

The male victim said he was asleep on his couch when he was awakened by the growling of his dog. He looked outside and saw nothing, but noticed that the motion detector light was out.

The resident went outsides and screwed in the bulb and returned inside. Later, he noticed the light was on, indicating something had moved through his yard. He let his dog outside which ran growling toward a shed in the backyard, according to a report from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

The man and his roommate went outside to see what the dog was growling at and were met by a man with a gun.

The female roommate fled into the house. The gunman marched her male roommate back toward the house and kicked in a window to enter the residence. Once inside, he ordered the man to lay on the floor and took his wallet.

When the intruder went to look for the woman, the male resident fled the house. He found his roommate in a neighbor's yard calling 911.

When deputies arrived, they set up a perimeter and conducted a search with a police dog. While they didn't find the intruder, they did recover the wallet. The investigation continues.