Manatee warns of low pressure for reclaimed water

MANATEE - Manatee County Utilities Department this morning advised its reclaimed water users that low pressure will be experienced over the next few days due to equipment failure at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility.

Service on Thursday was discontinued for residents west of 63rd Avenue East and 33rd Street East; and in in West and Northwest Bradenton. That service will not resume until repairs have been completed.

The Southwest Facility is the largest of the three county wastewater treatment plants and having it off-line may limit reclaimed water availability in other areas of the county. Completion of the repairs with a return to normal pressure is anticipated early next week. Notification will be provided by the Utilities Department upon system reactivation.

For the next few days, the Utilities Department asks that all reclaimed users, limit usage to the absolute minimum.

It is typical for plants and grass to enter into a more dormant stage, requiring less water, at this time of the year, so once a week watering is sufficient. (Residents with non-reclaimed services have been limited to a once-a-week watering schedule since early 2007. )

For additional information, call Amy Merrill at 9(941) 798-6745.