Caylee case documents released

MIAMI — The grandmother of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony at one point conceded to a blogger that her daughter probably “did something” to the child, according to documents released Friday, a statement at odds with the grandmother’s previous defense of her daughter in public.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, is now charged with murder in the case. According to documents released by prosecutors, the blogger told officials that Casey’s mother, Cindy, wavered as to her daughter’s involvement.

“(Cindy Anthony) agreed that she actually really believed that her daughter ... did something to Caylee,” Sean Krause, of The Daily BS told law enforcement officials in December.

But Krause, who also ran a memorial Web site for Caylee, said Anthony later took back what she had said.

Krause died of cancer in February. His account of his telephone conversation with Cindy Anthony was among more than 800 pages of documents prosecutors in central Florida released Friday. Most of the documents were records of interviews with people close to Casey, like her mother and father, George Anthony.

A friend of Casey’s, Michelle Murphy, also told officials that Casey said her mother threatened to take custody of Caylee and that Casey Anthony had a difficult relationship with her father.

Also included in the documents was a more than 150-page deposition of a private investigator who volunteered as a bodyguard and driver for Casey’s parents and also helped search for Caylee’s body. James Hoover said George Anthony once told him that he didn’t think he and his wife would “be together” when everything was over. He added that they both believed they had “thrown (Casey) under the bus” by talking to police about a smell in her car.