Don't scrap the idea of 'old tires'in your yard

Going green has never really been an issue for most gardeners. The love of the environment is one of the things that draws them to gardening. But even the most avid gardener can go a little greener by using materials made from recycled products.

Today's lawn and garden market is filled with many recycled items to help you create a gorgeous, inviting and eco-friendly lawn.

Did you know that Americans discard almost 300 million tires annually? One Texas company, Easy Gardener Products Inc., has come up with a way to put some of those old tires to use in the yard. They have a new line of products all made from 100 percent recycled rubber. You can find these products at your favorite local lawn and garden center or chain retailer.

Mulch Mat tree ring forms a weed barrier around trees and helps hold in moisture. The pre-cut mats look just like a circle of hardwood mulch, but last much longer. You can create a weed-free zone around the base of trees, mailboxes and yard posts while at the same time eliminating the need for edging, weeding, raking, and re-mulching. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Easy Gardener's Edge Border can help give your garden a clean, mulched-looked edging. The new product creates a 41Ú2-inch weed barrier around land-scape beds and gardens. You can lay the border flat or even use it to create curves. Run your mower tires along the top of the Edge Border and eliminate the need for edging! (MS)